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The importance of water to man can hardly be over-emphasized. Indeed we depend on water far more than is readily realized. Apart from it sanitary uses, water serve as the vehicle for carrying essential nutrients throughout our bodies. It helps to maintain our body temperature, proper digestion, provides healthier skin, accelerates mental/ muscle development and increase our energy level to carry out our every day functions for increase productivity.

Science has shown that 8–10 glasses of healthy water each day are required to keep a person’s body healthy and in proper condition.

In view of these, we should therefore bother about the quality of water available to us. However, more important to us should be the quality of water we drink. It has been established that most of the diseases that afflict people today are waterborne.

Epidemics which are traceable to poor contaminated water have been experienced in the recent times in many communities within and outside our country.

We no longer have the privilege of taking for granted the healthful influence of our water. Naturally, pure water hardly exist any where again on the face of the earth. The speed at which nature’s purification process works is in dramatic conflict with the rate at which man is damaging our planet’s water supply. Most shocking are reports on cancer chemicals being used in the treatment of our public mains water supply.

The above scenario has accentuated the need for efficient water treatment and purification equipment to ensure good health for homes.