Aqua Prove


Aquaprove: More safe than chlorination, no bad taste and quicker disinfection on wide range of dangerous pathogens.

The Situation: For about 100 years there was one simple way to disinfect water: adding chlorine. This showed to be effective disinfectant in many cases. However, overtime it appeared that chlorine has a number of negative side effects such as carcinogenic by-products by killing organics, bad taste and bad smell, limited effectiveness above 40 degree Celsius and a low affectivity against disease-causing viruses, parasites and pathogens. Finally it takes 30 minutes for chlorine to reach maximum effectiveness.


Aquaprove is different compare to chlorination:
1. Aquaprove delivers a different method to disinfect water with its active part chlorine dioxide.
2. It comes as a convenient and effervescent tablet format.
3. The taste and smell of the water are not affected when treated at common dosage for purification of potable water.
4. Aquaprove still works at temperatures higher than 45 degree Celsius, and less affected by changing PH values.
5. It is active against a very wide range of pathogens.
6. Finally, Aquaprove takes only 1-3 minutes to kill microbial contamination in polluted water.

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